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The simplest way to organize your holiday gift giving.

GiftBox helps you organize your holidays, keeping track of who you're shopping for, what they're getting, how much money you're spending, and which items you still need to buy.

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Screen Budget Sm

Easy to use interface guides you through setting up your list for the first time

Screen Budget Sm

Set a budget for your gift shopping and see at a glance how much you've spent

Screen People Search Sm

Quickly search for & add people to your list from your Contacts

Screen Items Sm

Track names and prices for each item

Screen Notes Sm

Attach notes to items, including tappable links to phone numbers, e-mail addresses and web URLs

Screen Blank State Sm

Easily track spending your way; count either the total price of all items, or just checked items

Screen Support Sm

Need help? You can e-mail customer support without even leaving the app